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Wiski - noun. Dimunutive form of Wiskipedia

What is Wiski?

Wiski is a community that brings the world's skiers and snowboarders closer to each other and to everyone involved in the snowsports industry.

Wiski offers an impartial guide to all aspects of over 100 resorts as well as the latest weather reports/ forecasts, ski & snowboard gear, magazines and all up-to-the-minute news.

Wiski represents the best way to indulge your love for snowsports with like-minded people from around the globe.

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From the Word

My friend and I are looking at doing our ski instructor courses and snowboard instructor courses with SnowSkool - anyone got any experience with them???

"I spent last season in France with SnowSkool and had an awesome time! Nothing gets better than skiing, partying and living in the biggest ski area in the world! This Winter I will be teaching in Wildcat, New Hampshire. You won't find anywhere better than Snowskool!"
- Alex Crompton

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