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3:34am, 10th May, 2017
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one before. The littler,[url=http://www.cheaprealjordansretro.com/]cheap air jordan shoes[/url], the better “Everyone says it looks like a ice fishing shack,[url=http://www.airjordanshoesreal.com/]air jordan shoes real[/url],” he explains. “It was originally a shipping crate for Land O’Lakes creamery. They shipped a generator in the thing, someone saw it,[url=http://www.cheapjordan1s.com/]cheap jordans online[/url], put a roof on it, a door, a couple of windows, and it was an office.” I say something about having a computer in there, and Bob laughs uproariously. “You saw the office. Did you see anything in there more modern than a remote control? We always get calls for people wanting to sell us printers. I tell them, if you put one in, and I can still get out of the office, I'll take it.” “There's some advantages. It's humorous to have a little car lot like this.” The other advantage is the cars themselves. Of the six on the lot now, all are pretty magnificent specimens of classic automobile. Bob deals only in vintage and collectible cars, and a few of the cars on the lot seem to have come from the same collection. MinnPost photo by Andy SturdevantG1DEUP Notable,[url=http://www.promdressok.com/]real cheap jordans retro[/url], for example, is the high percentage of vanity plates. In fact,[url=http://www.promdressok.com/]www.promdressok.com[/url], half of the inventory has them. “WHASUP” is a classic. The other two are collector’s plates. The electric blue early ’80s Ford Mustang’s plate bears the directive “G1DEUP.” The black Mercedes is almost cartoonish in its rich-guy vibe: Not only is there a Nantucket sticker in the rear window, but the collector’s plate asserts “NOT ACLU,[url=http://www.cheaprealjordansretro.com/]cheap jordans[/url],” lest the previous owner be mistaken for a limousine liberal. (Unless, as a reader pointed out later, it actuall reads

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